How to update the Facebook Messenger app

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Facebook Messenger is a new tool created to improve direct communication between people.  But, do you know what you must do to update Facebook Messenger easily every time improvements are made to your software?

The app easily allows you to connect in a few seconds with different people and perform different activities. In many opportunities, Facebook Messenger is used in the same way as having Whatsapp Messenger on your smartphone.

All of these, because of their features, such as, the possibility of making voice or video calls, both individually and at the group level.

How to update Facebook Messenger in Android devises

Although one of the most striking features is the system “Bubbles” or Chat Heads. This kind of pop-ups in the form of circle conversations, are maintained throughout the application. Thanks to them, you can retrieve a previous dialogue by clicking on the photo of the friend with whom the conversation has been held.

If you follow the steps that I will show you below, you can have your Android device updated to the latest and improved version of this wonderful application:

Firstable you should do is open the Google Play Store and search for the app. In many opportunities the same app tells you in the download section that you can update it, otherwise, click on the left side of your phone. There are other similar applications, so be careful, such as Facebook Messenger Lite. Then download and activate it in order to make the new changes that Facebook Messenger has to their users.

More cell phones will stop updating Facebook

Users who have a cell phone with Windows Phone operating system should only access through the mobile browser to the Facebook Messenger application, because they are left without support.

This is, without a doubt, another hard blow for the phones of the firm of Microsoft, which have not been able to position themselves in the smartphone market, dominated mainly by iOS and Android. According to IDC, the market share of Windows Phone barely reached 0.1% globally, and after two years, it is a figure that has dropped even more.

You can now send individual messages in a group

The recent update of Facebook Messenger has just incorporated the individual responses to the messages in its groups, so that it can generate a better experience in collective conversations, providing readability and, above all, order.

Thus, the arrival of the function is added to a series of updates that the developer has been making over the last few months and that has included a complete redesign of the interface and the arrival of new features, such as dark mode or the erasure of sent messages.

Although it seems incredible or curious, Facebook Messenger did not have the ability to answer messages within a group, but referring to a certain response. The function, released with the latest update of the application on Android and iOS, is already consolidated in the other messaging platforms.

However, as detailed in the information provided by the developer, it is now possible to quote and respond to a specific message within the group conversations on the platform. To do so, simply press a message for a long time, making it appear the symbol that identifies the function and, subsequently, placing our response below it.

This new thread structure of Messenger, which is being deployed globally from today, comes to bring more clarity to the chats. It is also important to note that the novelty even involves multimedia messages and individual emojis.