How to download Facebook Messenger for PC

Developed: Facebook inc. – Size: 35.29 Mb.

Messenger for Desktop is a function of Facebook’s instant messaging service. It is an unofficial client that is based on the web version of the service promoted from the web, allowing access to all the characteristics of the same without any restriction; these are, chat with our contacts or groups, send photographs, videos and stickers or make video and voice calls.

Obviously, to access we need to have a Facebook account, which will allow us to interact with the tool and synchronize all our activity with customers through other platforms, whether the chat itself from the Facebook website or the different mobile applications for the platforms it supports.

Receive notifications of your Facebook messages while using Chrome

Enjoy Facebook Messenger directly from your browser. Send and receive messages easily while you’re in Google Chrome instead of only when you use your mobile device. Users also have access to the Facebook Mobile View extension, which some people prefer instead of chatting on the Facebook site.

Facebook Messenger also includes a desktop notification feature that informs you when you received a new message.

The app also includes sound notifications for you to have sound and visual alerts when you receive a new message. If you prefer not to hear the sounds, you can easily deactivate this feature, in addition to making other adjustments to suit your personal preferences on the options page.

Chat always in full screen

One of Messenger’s problems with Facebook is that, by default, it appears in a small window. You can only extend it by clicking specifically on a chat, but sometimes it is uncomfortable, since you can unintentionally close the browser tab.

Messenger for Desktop solves this problem: you see everything in full screen or the size you want very optimally. This option is very useful if you are chatting at work and want to do it discreetly, and you should not be on Facebook under any circumstances.

In terms of configuration, Messenger for Desktop is very simple, since it feeds on the options you have chosen in your Facebook profile and therefore you should not touch anything; everything will be to login and start chatting. The only configurable option is the activation / deactivation of message notifications within the app.

If you receive a link, it will open in the default browser. This is, perhaps, the only aspect that could be improved in Messenger for Desktop: would not it be nice if, as in mobile versions, the URL in which you clicked was opened in the app itself, in the chat window?

At the design level, Messenger for Desktop has a very similar interface to Facebook, even cleaner.

If Facebook is one of your reference chat websites, you will appreciate Messenger for Desktop. Its use is simple, occupies few resources on your computer and allows you to chat more discreetly and without having to open Facebook to do so, so that distractions in this social network will be minimal.