How to download Facebook Messenger for Mac

Developed: Facebook inc. – Size: 35.29 Mb.

In recent times, Facebook has been significantly enhancing its messaging service. That is why having the appropriate applications to use it comfortably is important and, since the company has not developed a Mac application, there are always developers who care and make their own developments. This is how Facebook Messenger for Mac was born, an unofficial application that perfectly covers the needs of users.

Not all the time we have the opportunity to have our smartphones in our hands, so if we need to communicate we also can get the desktop version of Facebook Messenger. It help us to make communicate in every time and everywhere.

Messenger for Mac is not an official app

As we said at the beginning, it is not an official Facebook application. Its operation is based on the new web version of Messenger that Facebook has launched and, much simplifying the explanation, we could consider it as a small independent browser that gives us access only to this service.

Of course we can use all the features of the Facebook chat service: sending and receiving texts, sending and receiving photos or videos, different stickers and keeping a record with all the conversations that we can see whenever we want.

How to download Facebook videos on Mac

If for any reason you have ever tried to download Facebook videos to save them on your computer and watch offline, you have surely found that it is not possible. Although before there was a trick that took advantage of the mobile version, that does not work anymore.

If you do not want to install anything, one of the simplest solutions is to use a website like Here all you have to do is paste the link to the Facebook video that you want to download in the drawer.

How to download Facebook Messenger for Mac easily

If you want to download the Facebook Messenger for Mac application, what you should do is follow these simple steps:

First you must go to the website of its developers and download the latest version of Facebook Messenger for Mac. Just finish downloading, you can go to the folder where you saved the download and run it on your Mac PC. Finally, when it has already been downloaded Facebook Messenger for Mac, you can enter your personal data and ready.

In this way you can already enjoy the functions of Facebook Messenger on your Mac OS without any problem and without any restrictions. Note that this application will allow you to communicate with your family, friends, colleagues from anywhere in the world. You can also send money, calls and send audio.

Is that Facebook Messenger is no longer just a means of entertainment, but has also become a complete communication platform that will benefit you at all times, so use it whenever you want.