How to download Facebook Messenger for iOS

Developed: Facebook inc. – Size: 35.29 Mb.

If you usually use Facebook chat quite often, you may be interested in installing Facebook Messenger, since with it you can send and receive instant messages in the most comfortable way.

The application will allow us to share images and our geographic location within the messages, and may even include several recipients and open chat windows with several people at the same time.

We can configure it to receive sound or vibration alerts every time we send a message, and even respond via normal text message (phone to phone) if the person with whom we want to communicate does not have Facebook (or we think it will not be in front of the).

Facebook Messenger will come in handy to any user who uses Facebook very often, since thanks to it he will be able to communicate more quickly with all his friends.

Chat with your Facebook contacts

Messenger is an application that will allow you to be always connected everywhere and with people from anywhere in the world without any cost. Specifically, this program is linked to your Facebook account and, automatically, gives you the possibility to communicate with all the friends you have. In fact, it is possible to send, in addition to text messages, photos, videos, stickers, GIF files and much more. You will also have the opportunity to make calls and video calls through your platform.

Messenger informs you when the user to whom you have sent a message reads it. In addition, it allows to create groups of users and to look for old messages in a very simple way. As if that were not enough, it has a system for sending notifications in the form of bubbles that are fixed on the screen.

Facebook Messenger features

Another important feature is that there is no restriction with respect to the users with whom we can chat, that is, it is possible that we have in our address book people who are not inside our Facebook friends, to be able to chat with them we just have to enter your mobile number and add the person as a new contact.

This messaging application gives us the possibility to use the camera of the mobile to record videos and take photos which we can share with our contacts. We also found Stickers as well as being able to record voice messages and send them.

Other important details of Facebook Messenger is that we will know if our contacts have read our messages and better still we will know the date and time, the photos and videos that were shared in a conversation can be forwarded to contacts that have not been in the conversation, we can also share our location with our contacts, we will know who is available and it is possible to configure the notifications can deactivate if they are very busy.

Download Facebook Messenger for iOS

The installation of Facebook Messenger on any iOS device is done from the App Store since this version is compatible for both iPhone and iPad, the app has a weight of 45.2 MB, we must have the version of iOS 7.0 and up.

To download it, you just have to go to the store and in the search engine, type Facebook Messenger and the logo of the app will automatically appear. To download it, you will have to wait a few minutes and finally you have to add the data of your Facebook account and voila, you can enjoy the app completely free on your smartphone.