How to activate the dark mode of Facebook Messenger

More and more users are demanding the implementation of a dark mode for their favorite applications, from web browsers to messaging applications. First it was Telegram, then WhatsApp came, and finally Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger has not become anything more than a training zone to chat with different people, so it help you to be connected with others around the world. With it you can call, chat, send information, and make payments, among others.

It is available worldwide for the most current versions of iOS and Android, although this feature has already been unrestricted, that is the reason why not everybody can see it is because the change is not available for everybody.

Steps to download the dark mode feature of Facebook Messenger

If you already encouraged and want to activate the dark mode function of Facebook Messenger, you have to follow these steps that we show you below. Making the change on your mobile device is usually simple, the only difficult for many people is to follow the steps in a successfully way.

From the mobile application, open any of your chats (regardless of whether it is person, group or page), then you must send the growing moon emoji. If on your mobile phone after you have sent the icon, you have the rain of moons, you can go to the next step, because your phone is compatible with this dark mode trial version.

Choose the photo and then you can enjoy for the dark mode in your smartphone. You will have the opportunity to make the changes going to profile settings. Once here, we will find the new option to activate and deactivate the dark mode. So, the actualization of the app will change your Facebook Messenger app, but this is not the only hidden improvement.

The dark mode is a graphic theme that improves visualization in some environments, protects the eyes of users and also some screens, especially OLEDs, more prone to problems due to the increase in contrast used by this technology.

Considering how simple it is to be able to enjoy this function, of course if at first the crescent moon does not appear, it indicates that your mobile phone is not compatible with this function and unfortunately you will not be able to enjoy it. Facebook Messenger is always being updated to provide its users with the best advances and new features to enjoy them.

The fall of Facebook was one of the longest in its history

The US multinational Facebook said today that the partial “fall” of its functions recorded on Wednesday and that also affected Instagram and WhatsApp (both of its property) lasted 22 hours, which makes it one of the longest in the history of the company.

In a statement addressed to the developers, the firm led by Mark Zuckerberg explained that the blockade began at 16.00 GMT on Wednesday (17:00 in Euskadi) and lasted for almost a whole day, continuing to be active during part of Thursday.

The company also indicated that it had already solved all the problems on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, although some users complained on social networks on Thursday that their accounts still did not work normally.

Although it is not uncommon for these platforms to suffer partial or total “drops” in their functionalities, what is unusual is that they last for so long and, for example, the last recorded on Facebook and Instagram last November lasted only 40 minutes.